Sunday, May 22, 2011

Abstract FUN!

I recently moved to NYC to start my career as a Illustrator/Designer and the job hunt has been tough. During the endless job search I try to keep positive and productive. But some times its hard to up the good attitude. That's when George Pratt's bushy face pops in my mind saying "It looks like fun!", and some how the engine kicks in and i go back at it. It reminds when I'm actually enjoying myself and don't think too much I tend to do some of my best work. This random abstraction was just an exercises to remind myself what fun feels like. So i believe my question here is... does it look like fun?

-Arbel M. Cohen

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lfdow said...


We've been wondering about you and my e-mails to you are getting bounced. I take it you're in NYC, hope things are going well, folks in the studio send their best.

-Louis F. Dow